Residential Housing

For Residential Housing applications, Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems uses Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPS is a type of insulation that is used in cold storage facilities. Foods placed inside, homes and buildings built using Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems remain cooler than in conventionally-built homes and buildings.

Aside from the environmental bene ts, energy ef cient construction also directly translate to real cost saving for customers. Using Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems can result in a substantial reduction of energy required for cooling to keep room temperatures within a comfortable range.

Owners of homes with Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems experience cooler, even temperature in tropical climate areas. The system will also reduce construction and building material costs.



As a superior quality product, the application of Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems in residential housing has many advantages such as:


  • Faster building times-up to 34% quicker than traditional building methods.
  • Lock up 10 days; once slap is ready.
  • Quick supply from local manufacturing facility.
  • Turns unskilled labor into capable installers within weeks.


  • Lower construction costs.
  • Less components and materials than traditional homes.
  • Reduce reliance on trades.
  • Shorter supply chain.
  • Fewer deliveries and decreased logistical issues.
  • Ongoing energy saving over the life of the house.


  • Smart walling system-replacing frames, brick, plasterboard, insulation.
  • Smart roo ng system-replacing trusses, roof sheets, ceiling, insulation.
  • Panels interlock easily to form a complete thermally ef cient shell.
  • Fully engineered, simpli ed and improved building process.


  • Significantly exceeds current energy ratings.
  • Reduced environmental impact in manufacture, delivery, build and residency.
  • Achieve zero and positive energy housing communities.
  • Fully reusable, recyclable and non-toxic building materials.


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