Clean Room
Food processing facilities and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from Bondor Insulated Panel Systems.
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Cold Storage & Food Processing
Cold storage can refer to any type of large or small refrigerated compartment which is designed to maintain the temperature required to store perishable goods, mostly foods.
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Food Processing Facilities
With its light-weight construction load, Bondor Insulated Panel Systems are applicable for food processing facilities.
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Modular & Transportable Building
Modular/Transportable buildings are sectional prefabricated building consist of multiple modules or section which are manufactured in a remote facility and delivered to their intended site of use.
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Residential Housing
For Residential Housing applications, Bondor Insulated Panels Systems uses Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).
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Insulated Panel Systems

The need for Insulated Panel in Indonesia has been increased the last few years, especially with the increase needs of eco-friendly product to make the Planet we live in more sustainable. Companies are encouraged to obtain products to support their efficient productivity while at the same time also protect the environment. PT BONDOR, with over 20 years of experience in Indonesia, is a pioneer and leader in insulated sandwich panel, sandwich panel clean room, high quality sandwich panel, insulated panel, eps panel, pir panel, mineral wool panel, clean room panel, cold storage panel, transportable building application, sandwich panel manufacturer, high quality sandwich panel, and sandwich panel for food processing.


PT Bondor Indonesia provides its locally manufactured Bondor Insulated Panel Systems with project supervision to a full installation service. Alongside the knowledge and experience of our Engineering staff, we provide back-up and full support from our of ce and factory resources. We have already successfully completed a large number of projects throughout Indonesia for the following applications.

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