Clean Room

Food processing facilities and pharmaceutical industries can benefit from BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems. With two-piece snap-in radius coving, specially-designed windows and doors, particle-free and food-grade pre- painted steel, Bondor Insulated Panel Systems ensures that the hygiene, sanitation and cleanliness needed for clean rooms are easy to maintain.

The clean room using BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems has fulfilled the requirement of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP/CPOB - Cara Pembuatan Obat yang Baik) as required by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM - Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan). Many Pharmaceutical companies use BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems to comply with ISO 5 (Class 100 for most aseptic areas), ISO 7 (Class 10,000 for surrounding areas) and ISO 8 (Class 100,000 for support areas) as defined by ISO 14644-1 Clean Rooms and Associated Controlled Environments Part 1: Classification of Air Cleanliness, the worldwide standard for classifying cleanliness of air in clean rooms and clean zones.


As a superior quality product, the application of BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems in Clean Room has many advantages :

  • All advantages of using Slip Joint
  • All advantages of using panel cores that is Fire Resistant/Fire Retardant
  • Anti-bacterial, pre-painted galvanized steel skin for sanitation and hygene
  • Superior life span against rusting (corrosion proof) makes it maintenance-free for life
  • Using wall to ceiling and floor joints to meet the requirements for cleanliness and hygene
  • Using specially designed, heavy-duty doors and windows that are easy to operate and maintain, with seals to prevent air transfer, making sure the air quality and conditions wanted inside the rooms are sustained.
  • Easily adjustable panels, making it possible to change the design of the room with the existing panels.
  • Lamp frames, man holes and air supply ducts inside the clean room uses the same extrusion as used in windows and door viewings
  • No rivets are exposed in doors or windows for clean room application.
  • All gaps between extrusion panels and glass are sealed for strong support structure
  • Easy, fast installation and lower construction costs.

Project Details

Year: 2010
Clean room project for hospital and pharmaceutical

In a pharmaceutical company, BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are used for walls, ceiling, pass box and pass through; working table and shelves, acrylic return air partition; triple glass xed windows; single or double swing doors with viewing, pull/push handless, kick plate and interlock system; frame for lighting; as well as double plenum for HVAC installation completed with standard- size 600 mm x 600 mm manholes.



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