Modular &
Transportable Building

Modular/Transportable buildings are sectional prefabricated building consist of multiple modules or section which are manufactured in a remote facility and delivered to their intended site of use. Once assembled, modular buildings are essentially indistinguishable from typical site-built homes.

Modular/Transportable buildings have a wide variety of uses. They will either be used for long term temporary or permanent facilities. Such uses include : construction camps, living quarters, of ce & accommodation, civilian and military housing needs, schools & classrooms, health care facilities, religious centres, kitchen, Diners, and ablution facilities.

Modular/Transportable buildings are a perfect solution in remote and rural areas (such as oil & gas site, mining areas, offshore) where conventional constructions may not be reasonable or even possible. Easy-to-relocate transportable buildings using BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are available in container and insulated-panel types. The system can be con gured to suit any application, such as base-station shelter to house sensitive electronic or telecommunication equipment, kitchen, diner, accommodations, of ce, recreation facilities, ablution facilities, laundry room, freezer, chillers, etc.

The Insulated Panel Type, suitable for all modular building applications, is easily extendable to cater for future project growth, as well as able to be dismantled and relocated. Base options can be prefab steel base frame or concrete slab. It is a cost effective solution for uncomplicated building requirements.

The Container Type is a very robust building based on standard shipping container. It can be positioned on simple pre-engineered footings and moved by forklift, crane or truck. It is a perfect solution where immediate occupancy is required.


  • Strong, hygienic, maintenance-free, and anti- corrosive structure
  • Panels can easily be adjusted according to building structure and types.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle, relocate, and assemble again for other needs.
  • Panels and joints are suf ciently sealed both internally and externally, so they are watertight and eliminates temperature conduction.
  • Easy and light to transport, lower construction costs.
  • Wind proof and fexible during earthquakes.

Project Details

Year: 2009
Total Panel Used: 208,095 m2
Site Location: Merauke and Timika (Papua), Muara Tuhup (Kalimantan), Papua New Guinea and Algeria

BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are used for insulated using containers. The panels were also used for high- wall and ceiling as well as for swing and sliding doors. rise dormitory. The panels are built based on modules and sent to sites



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