Mineral Wool Panel

Mineral Wool panels are sandwich panels with steel faces and a core of mineral wool berboard. The Mineral Wool panels are non-ozone-depleting, non-combustible sandwich panels manufactured with a core of mineral wool fiber.

The core is manufactured with the fibers oriented across the thickness of the panel to maximize its structural strength.

The insulation products are non-combustible with a melting point more than 1,000oC. They are particularly suitable for thermal insulation, re protection and sound reduction/ absorption.

Mineral Wool panels can be used as wall and ceiling panels in buildings where improved fire performance is required. The metal faces of the panels have an interlocking tongue and groove joint on the long edges, which may be sealed for weather proofing or for clean room applications. Mineral Wool panels are 1,170 mm wide and are made to order in lengths up to 6 meters, depending on handling limitations. Thicknesses are normally 50, 75 and 100 mm, although other thicknesses are possible.

Metal face is 0.6 mm thick pre-painted steel with a yield strength of 300 mPa. The core mineral wool is 100 kg/m3 density. The steel faces are bonded to the core with a two component thermosetting structural adhesive.

The panel surfaces are supplied as either at steel or with the option of light ribbing to a 0.7 mm deep surface pro le. Mineral Wool panels are now manufactured in Indonesia.
Width (cover mm)
Thickness (mm)

Exterior Facing Skin
Internal Facing Skin
Standard Colors
Joint System
Type of Skin
Mineral Wool
50, 75, 100, 150
Up to 6 meters
(refers to span and handling limitation)
0.6mm G300 CRP Stell
0.6mm G300 CRP Stell
Off White
Slip Joint
Anti Bacterial (AB)
Food Grade (FG)
Xterior Roof and Wall (XRW)

Features and Advantages

  • Fire resistant
  • Non-combustible, causes no smoke development and does not produce toxic gases
  • Water repellent, non-hygroscopic and non-capillary
  • Insulation properties with a vapor diffusion resistance of ?< 1.3
  • Sound insulation and has excellent sound absorbing properties
  • Chemically neutral and does not cause or promote corrosion
  • Fully recyclable
  • Dimensionally stable and not liable to shrink or expand
  • Not conductive to mold
  • Vermin and rot-proof
  • No asbestos, CFC and HCFC in the product and process Easy to handle and cut



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