Food Processing Facilities

With its light-weight construction load, BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are applicable for food processing facilities. The systems will provide good insulation. Its fast installation can reduce installation time up to 30- 40% compared to conventional structure. The off-white paint used in the pre-painted steel is food grade, which makes it safe for food processing facilities. The steel can easily be washed or cleaned to ensure that required cleanliness is easy to maintain.

Project Details

Year: 2007
Total Panel Used: 11,948 m2
Site Location: Salatiga

A milk ingredient company uses BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems for internal and external wall for both of their 23 m and 40 m food processing towers. The panels are also used for ceiling, manual vertical sliding doors, air tight doors with viewing, emergency exit doors complete with panic bar and door alarm, windows with laminated or tempered glass as well as manholes. Aluminum louvers are made from aluminum extrusions. PT Bondor Indonesia also assisted the facility in obtaining stainless steel door and auto rapid shutter doors.

Project Details

Year: 2008
Type of panel: EPS Panel, PIR Panel
Total Panel Used: 12,315 m2
Site Location: Yogyakarta

EPS Panel and PIR Panel from BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are used in a milk processing company for wall, ceiling, swing and sliding doors, and rapid doors. The building uses fixed windows and aluminum louvers made from aluminum extrusions. The building uses Insulated Panel Systems in canning, packaging, filling and sugar mill rooms.



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