Cold Storage &
Food Processing Plant

Cold storage can refer to any type of large or small refrigerated compartment which is designed to maintain the temperature required to store perishable goods, mostly foods. They can range from a small table top or bedside refrigerator to very large walk-in refrigerators that are used in many industries.

BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are applicable for Industrial Cold Storage comprising dry storage, chiller/ freezer storage with integrated of ce, ante room, and loading area as well as Commercial Cold Storage (controlled atmosphere rooms, freezer and/or chiller configuration constructed inside standard shipping container or modular buildings).

Corner joints and fixings are factory-trimmed to ensure continuity of insulation and vapor seal integrity. Wall panel Slip Joint and joints with F-mold joiners are sealed with liberally applied mastic, so that excess mastic is clearly visible on the panel surface at the joint.

Relief ports are designed to eliminate room deformation during pressure change and heated to reduce ice build- up. Freezer floors are insulated to minimize heat gain with heavy duty vapor barrier for continuous vapor seal.

Based on its size, cold storage can be split in two categories: commercial (up to 36m2, mostly used in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets) and industrial (more than 36m2, mostly used in food and/or beverage processing facilities, pharmaceutical, chemical as well as electronic industries). Based on temperature, there are several types: cool room or chiller (around 5oC), cold room or freezer (-18 ~ -22oC), deep freezer (-22 ~ -40oC). In industrial cold storage, an ante room (5~18oC) is usually used to accommodate the temperature difference between the controlled room and the outside (27~35oC).


With its capability to preserve certain temperature and ensure easy maintenance of sanitation and hygiene, BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems in Cold Storage has many advantages:

  • Slip Joint system increase the strength and bonding of panels, resulted in Increased capability as a vapor barrier.
  • 0.6 mm Food Grade pre-painted, galvanized steel skin making a strong, hygienic, maintenance-free, and anti-corrosive structure.
  • Fully sealed doors and windows with many types
  • Positive and negative Pressure Relief Ports are designed to eliminate expansive room deformation during pressure change. The ports are heated to reduce ice build-up, and have multiple chambers to reduce ambient ingress.
  • For commercial rooms, self-extinguishes Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with a density of 20 kg/m3 and a 100-150 mm thickness or Polyurethane (PUR) with a density of 38-40 kg/ m3 and a 75-100 mm thickness is usually used.
  • For industrial cold room more than 6 m high, 150 or 200 mm thick EPS Panels is more suitable due to its rigid construction.
  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Panel's thermal properties are similar to those of PU Panels. Due to its re-resistant material, using PIR Panels can signi cantly reduce the serious risk of property damage and loss of business due to re.
  • Freezer oors are insulated to minimize expansive heat gain with a heavy-duty vapor barrier for continuous vapor seal and sub- oor venting to prevent irreparable frost heave in the freezer floor slab.

Project Details

Year: 2009
Cold storage and Food Processing project in West Java

BondorTM Insulated Panel Systems are used in a bakery processing plant company for internal and external wall, ceiling, as well as swing, uplift, sliding and over-head sliding doors. The building uses 100 mm and 200 mm panels for Food Processing rooms, Blast Chiller (up to 2oC) and Freezer Storage (up to -25oC). The panels are also used in Oven Room, which has a normal temperature around 40oC.



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